Who We Are

The Papasay Value-Added Wood Products (PVAWP) Sawmill is located in the heart of the Lake Nipigon Forest, off of HWY 11 in Sand Point First Nation’s Industrial Park, and just 20 kms south of Beardmore, Ontario. We are located close to the vast natural resources of our region from which we source all of our raw materials, and are close to several large markets for timber and value-added wood products. PVAWP produces rough-cut timbers of various dimensions and custom value-added wood products (see Our Products). PVAWP exists to create jobs and produce high-quality products for BNA and for customers in the surrounding area. As part of our company mission, our goal is to provide the following benefits to BNA Band Members (our owners):

  • Provide long term sustainable employment opportunities for BNA Band Members and workers from the our Region;
  • Provide industry-specific training and teach marketable employment skills to Band Members;
  • Provide short and long term spin-off benefits to local and regional businesses;
  • Encourage and foster common business partnerships;
  • Leverage First Nation equity to generate sustainable profits and return on investment; and,
  • Utilize the rich natural resources within the Northwest Region to their full potential.

Papasay Value-Added Wood Products (PVAWP) is a subsidiary company to Papasay Management LP (Papasay), which is owned by Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek (Sand Point First Nation). Papasay was created by BNA to manage the economic interests of the community and the Band Membership. The Vision of Papasay is to establish thriving resource-based businesses and initiatives to support economic success and growth for BNA. To achieve its Vision, Papasay is working to build a strong foundation, a strategic network of partners and the necessary infrastructure to attract and develop sustainable business opportunities. Papasay is led by an experienced Board of Directors with experience and expertise in diverse industry sectors, including forestry, mining and green energy. To date, Papasay has invested in opportunities in the forest, mining, aggregates and green energy sectors.

Our Sawmill Team