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BNA, also known as Sand Point First Nation, is a community of nearly 250 people. The First Nation is located on the southeast shores of Lake Nipigon. BNA just recently had its land returned to them in April 2010 following years of displacement at the hands of the provincial and federal governments. The community and its leadership are now forging ahead with major economic development initiatives, and re-establishing the community for the eventual return of the membership to their homeland.

BNA was successful in obtaining $1 million in funding from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, and an additional $460,000 in funding from FedNor. These resources allowed for the commencement of the development of BNA’s Industrial
Park off of Hwy 11, as well as the eventual construction of the sawmill building.

On Saturday, August 24th, a vote was held at the BNA Reserve lands through the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development’s Land Designation ratification process. Community members had an opportunity to vote via mail-in ballot or at the voting booth on the day of ratification. The result of the vote was 57–21, a clear mandate for the development of the Sawmill.

By the winter of 2013, the newly-designed Sawmill Building was complete. That spring, we moved our 2 newly purchased Woodmizer saws (one gas, one electric), and our edger down to the new facility at BNA.

In 2015 and 2016, BNA was successful in acquiring the funding for several new pieces of value-added equipment.

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